Inside a woman’s makeup world

Almost every woman in Kigali wears makeup, some say it makes a woman look beautiful and more confident.

You must know someone who cannot go out of the house without manipulating their jaw line to look sharper and more defined, or their nose. Or maybe that person is you!

In fact, there seems to be a who-wore it better competition amongst ladies today, women actually put on more makeup when meeting other women or when going out as girlfriends than when meeting people of the opposite gender.

Makeup artists are making a killing with this makeup thing and as you can see there is an upward trend of women hiring these artists not only during big events such as weddings and graduations but also for daily office meetings or while going out to party.

New terms are also coming up, you may be listening in to a conversation amongst girlfriends and you think it’s a code word for something else, because a word such as bake has been previously associated with cakes and drugs, now make up also tops the list.

However, there are still levels, and trust me you can’t keep up with all of them not unless it is your full time job.

There is the kind of finish that every woman is looking for, that natural elegant glow even though that is quite confusing because there is nothing natural about it.

It is in the way it settles on your face and blends with the skin color, its longevity in terms of making your face pop throughout the day, how amazing it looks in photos and how it moderately spares the skin from breaking out.

Some brands are more famous than others in terms of quality however owning them is considered winning in life because they are quite expensive.

In fact make up is actually so expensive because it is so many products for different looks with so many shades to fit into a makeup bag, but that has never stopped any ambitious woman.

Online influencers especially on YouTube go viral when they give tips and hacks on how to use cheap make up to earn that expensive look.

If you are still an amateur in the makeup world it is not yet time to give up because there are all sorts of tutorials to follow online and before long you will not have to spend thousands of francs to get your makeup done!

You can simply invest in your own products, buy data bundles and sit in front of a mirror, watch and learn. Even ideas on what products to buy if you don’t know will be freely offered to you.

The rule with makeup though is that it cannot be easily shared even amongst siblings because often times your skin color and shade differs slightly from the people around you, purchasing your own make up is one step away from looking like a ghost or looking like an alien with a shade that does not fit.

Also, while buying your make up, especially foundation and powder ensure that you test it on your skin with a professional or informed dealer.

Ladies, can we talk about the struggle to achieve flawless and equally sized eye brows every morning? I mean what is the secret behind it? Thick, non-linear eyebrows are the new thing!

You have to give it a shape and you have to highlight them for the final finish. It takes some ladies less than 10 minutes and others like me at least over 30 minutes and yet I still don’t think I achieve the desired look.

One thing that most ladies forget though, is a skin care routine because in the long-term make up can destroy your face with black spots and acne.

Invest in deep cleansing products and face moisturizers otherwise you will be dependent on make up all your life to hide the “faults.”

One thing remains true though, you can’t wear that kind of makeup and still wrap yourself around your old boring clothes, that is wasting the look because when your face looks beat, as they commonly say, your feel good hormones are also awakened and it is simply just another day to turn heads and get compliments all around you.

Twitter: @christineamira