The importance of holiday packages

“Holiday packages enabled me revise extensively as I wanted to provide the right responses to the questions asked. By the time tests approached, I could remember most of what I revised. I believe when you give it your whole concentration and tackle the assignments yourself, you will score highly in exams and tests,” says Bernice Kamikazi, a former Kigali Parents School student.

At every end of term, teachers compile questions and revision exercises in different subjects for students to answer during the holidays. This assignment is known as “holiday package.”  Students are required to report to school at the beginning of the term with all questions answered. Teachers mark such assignments, award marks and make corrections during lessons. However, could holiday assignments be beneficial to learners?

According to Beatrice Musiimenta, a teacher at Wellspring Academy, Nyarutarama, students should take holiday packages so as not to just relax and forget about school work.

“Holiday packages allow parents to have an idea about what their children learn in school and guide them accordingly, which later enable learners to use resources in their communities, like libraries, with the help of their parents,” Musiimenta notes.

She says that these days, some learners are really not bothered about their studies, so during the holidays they spend all their time on social media. Holiday packages keep them on track.

Sarah Kabiswa Nakiberu, a teacher at Green Hills Academy, Nyarutarama, says, “Basing on the common understanding that holiday is a time for students to laze around, sleep, eat, visit and do nothing productive, holiday assignments help them revise and memorise previous concepts.”

She says that holiday assignments help students manage their time efficiently, and they discover how to set and respect priorities.

Musiimenta says that taking up holiday packages will not only help learners keep their brain active, it will also guide and encourage them to do research. 

Nakiberu explains that through holiday assignments, students are encouraged to work independently, as they may not have access to teachers.

She adds that parents are able to engage in their children’s academic growth and development, as they provide guidance when it is necessary especially when they are stuck. However, it keeps students occupied and leaves no room for acts like drug abuse, improper association, gambling, alcohol-use, among others.

Isa Kiyingi, an English and Literature teacher at CCI-Essi-Nyamirambo explains that holiday assignments assist in keeping pupils and students focused on their studies; they are a memory booster for them, because they help them recall what they were taught in the course of the term.

Eva Mutumba, a teacher at Little Bears Montessori, Kimihurura, says, “Holiday package is given to learners to boost learning without the teachers’ presence and guidance. It also helps them focus more on their weakest subjects as they solve problems.”



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