The importance of career guidance in schools

Career guidance in schools is essential because it provides students with a sense of direction. Net photo.

As one approaches the end of their high school journey, we are at times bombarded with various career options to choose from. You want to opt for a career that you are passionate about and something that will sustain and better your living standards as well. This is where the problem emerges. Most times, the career path we select in the younger stages of our lives tends to be inspired by the people we grew up watching on TV or careers leaning towards the entertainment industry.

As we grow up, however, the idea of what we wanted to be in the future changes. The intent now is to pinpoint a path which will put a roof on top of your head and put food on the table. Career guidance, especially in schools, is essential because it provides students with a sense of direction concerning their future prospects.

Having a career guidance counsellor at my high school helped me narrow down the possibilities of my future occupation. One of the things I was taught to consider while picking a career is identifying a gap in the work industry. By doing this, one is able to create an upper hand for themselves due to the fact that they will have observed “the path less travelled by”.

Another thing one might consider is doing what you are passionate about. At times, the things that we are most fanatical about might not be much of great career choices. However, with hard work, diligence and persistence, you could be able to transform your passion into an income generating activity. If you are able to earn a living by pursuing what brings you passion, then you have hit the jackpot.

At times, the mind of a student is pliable. So in order to avoid going for a career that was just thrown at you or was chosen for you, it is advisable to seek career guidance because it not only sets you on a clear path to your destiny, it hinders you from selecting the wrong career as well. So the earlier you figure out the career path you will take, the higher your chances of success are.