I’m a Mommy’s Girl

I’m proud to say I’m a Mommy’s Girl! No offence Dads, especially mine but if I had to choose, I’d go with Mum in a heartbeat. There’s just something special about Mums. Must be those 9 Months or however long they carry us and the first couple of years of our lives that cement the bond even though we barely remember any of it!

There are exceptions of course, as with many things, with some exceptional fathers and father figures out there and some mothers who have done terrible things to their children, but generally speaking, I think most children are closer to their Mums. Mums are naturally more nurturing.

They make sacrifices for us again and again and many times, stick their necks out for us. We need to let them know that all that is appreciated. One of my High School friends was a Daddy’s Girl and I never understood why. Back then, I just didn’t get how a girl could not love her Mother more.

I assumed something major had happened between them and it wasn’t until years later that I learnt she’d actually lost her Mum at a very young age and she and her three Sisters were raised by their Stepmum.

After all those years, it finally made sense and again, I’m not trying to pit Mums against Dads! That said, I don’t think I’ve shared as many secrets with my Dad and yet I find it so easy to blabber about any and everything with my Mum.

We can talk for hours and still have much to say and laugh about. My Dad had some funny stories too but long drives and some moments together usually descended into awkward silence pretty fast. My Dad taught me many things but my Mum is something else.

Like I’ve mentioned many times before, I attended Boarding School most of my School life and on Visiting Sundays, I preferred that both my parents came to SEE me but sometimes, only one turned up and I always wished it was my Mum.

She knew all my favourite snacks and knew I preferred Orange or Strawberry flavoured Biscuits and Drinks while my Dad would just pick out whatever he came across. Mums remember the little things. Like the fact that you don’t just buy any bread.

Make sure it’s sliced and get a spread too. Butter, Jam, Peanut or whatever we like. Mums know if we’re allergic to certain foods or fabric. They know our dress and shoe sizes.

They remember to pack sweaters before sending us off to school. They help with homework, take pictures of us at every chance, frame them and “show them off” even to strangers.

They document our milestones and are our biggest cheerleaders even when there’s really not much to cheer. Many Dads do some of these things too but today, let’s give Mums the credit they so deserve.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the special ladies who raised us.


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