I regret getting tattoos and ear piercings - singer Mr Blue

Mr Blue. Net

Revered Tanzanian musician Mr Blue has said that more than anything, he regrets falling into the pressure of pleasing people and conforming to the ways of the world just to look good.

The singer opened up on how he wishes he never pierced his ears or got any tattoos on his body.

“I started being mischievous a long time ago. I pierced my ears while I was still in class seven,” the 32-year-old revealed. According to Mr Blue, his wife, who is completely different from him, prompted the musician to develop a new outlook in life. 

“I think I might leave singing later in life and forget about music. I do not like my tattoos and I do not enjoy seeing my ears pierced. Age tells you to stop doing some things.” he said.

To those who aspire to be musicians, Mr Blue urged them to focus on the music and avoid desecrating their bodies with unnecessary markings.