How to make a statement in tank tops

Did you know that how you put clothes together can actually express who you are? Well, opting for a tank top or vest can help one achieve this.

They are versatile, and are actually a good choice when it comes to layering and making the outfit unique and casual.



Going for plain or solid coloured ones is ideal, because it can go with anything and is also easy to layer up with other accessories, including necklace bracelets and even earrings.


You can as well, layer them with fitted shirts, pull necks, depending on the weather or occasion, as well as jackets and blazers.

When it comes to what to put on as pants, choices are many depending on what one wants.

The good thing about this attire is that it’s dressy enough for work and perfect for dates and special nights out.

When paired with the right accessories and jewelry, they can make even the simplest pair of pants or skirt stand out, in all occasions.

For more a feminine look, one can wear a tank top and throw on a blazer that doesn’t have bottoms. The blazer however, should be of different color from the top so that it highlights the vest.

Tank tops are also good especially if the weather is unpredictable. For instance, it can be chilly in the morning and hot in the afternoons, allowing one to adjust (putting on a jacket or sweater and removing it in afternoons) according to how they want it look.

One can also go big with a handbag, whether big or small depending on their preferences.

Vest tops are simple, so you can get away with carrying around a large handbag or even small ones, because they won’t detract from your outfit.

Also, one should try to add some contrast. For instance, if your vest top is solid-colored, try a handbag with a bold pattern on it; and a plain solid colored if the vest top has patterns.

Depending on the size of the top, one can add on a belt to highlight their waist and still look stunning.

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