How best should students prepare for the new academic term?

Learners need to have a plan of what they should be doing at a specific time. Net photo.

Though the holiday has been long, it is almost coming to an end. As students are promoted to new classes and others eager to join new schools and new levels (ordinary, advanced level and, university), it is important that learners prepare for the new academic term and semester in order to meet schools’ expectations.

John Mary Musinguzi, a teacher at Little Bears Montessori School, Kigali, says that students should reduce their movements, especially those that are really unnecessary. This helps them to avoid accidents, get enough time to revise their books and reset their minds to school mood.

“Students must avoid last days’ temptations, do some research for their work at school as some have holiday package. Write their shopping list and discuss it with parents or guardians before it is late. This helps their parents to prepare for their children as well. It helps them to do shopping before it is late,” he adds.

According to Michael Maniraguha, a lecture at University of Rwanda, Huye, students must start the term when they are fresh and ready to excel, they have to prepare ahead of time. Be ready to attend all classes and do extra research. For any topics taught in class, take extra time and research further.

He adds that learners need to have a plan of what they should be doing at a specific time. They should make sure that they revise a subject or course unit every day when school resumes, as it will keep them on track of what they were taught.

Musinguzi adds that students should revise notes or read a novel since this brings their mind back to the school environment and prepares them for the new term.

Learners should be aware of new subjects, new teachers, new friends, among others, especially those joining senior one or new schools, he says.

Musinguzi urges students to take note and be ready to read extensively as there is heavier work, especially for those joining candidate classes.

Maniraguha further says that learners should take discussions seriously and everyone ought to belong to a discussion group, because they discuss in small groups about what was taught in class in a way they easily understand.

Musinguzi warns students against dodging lessons, bad company due to peer influence, escaping from school and telling lies. Students at all levels should remember it is important to respect authority at whatever level, in and away from school. It builds them morally.

According to Phocas Kamana, a teacher at New Vision Primary School Huye, students should set goals and strategies for the new term. This could be in all aspects, for instance; intellectually, financially, morally and spiritually.

Maniraguha explains that students must be disciplined and should balance academics and their leisure activities, like sports, but not focusing on sports or other talents more than academics.

He adds that laziness shouldn’t be encouraged, which is why students have to engage in something constructive every time and not be idle.

Martha Nassolo, a teacher at Little Bears Montessori School, Kigali, explains that since there is too much excitement during the holidays, parents should avoid last minute hastening. Rushing makes students confused and at times they forget some of their stuff home.

She notes that students, especially those in higher classes, should warm up for new topics and be innovative. They should set goals of what they want to achieve and work towards fulfilling them.

Nassolo urges parents to check their children’s suitcases before leaving home so that any illegal materials are unpacked.

“Learners should prepare for the new term by ensuring that they put together all school requirements, for example, books, pens, pencils, among other requirements.

“They should also check if their uniforms are still in good shape. You might find that some need to buy a new uniform. They should also keep their notebooks for previous classes very well as they shall need to refer to them some time in the future,” says Charles Mutazihana, the headmaster, Kigali Parents School, Kimironko.

Nassolo notes that since some schools give beginning of term assessments, students should revise extensively in order to pass them.