Healthy reasons to have a smoothie

When it comes to health benefits, smoothies are always a better option than juice, nutritionists say. 

This is so because juice often lacks the pulp of fruits and vegetables. In addition, peeling fruits or vegetables before putting them into a juicer makes them prone to germs and oxidation.


Dietitians recommend that for the most nutritious and filling smoothies, some of the healthiest ingredients include dark, leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Cruciferous veggies (like broccoli and Brussels sprouts), nuts, nut butter and seeds are also great ingredients. Also, yoghurt, milk, berries, or other fruits are healthy additions.  


Rene Tabaro, a nutritionist at King Faisal Hospital, says that smoothies consist of many ingredients, thus containing all the goodness.


“Ensure you have an assortment of vegetables and fruits, and some protein to keep it balanced,” he says. 

He adds that water, milk or non-dairy products are good for the liquid base. He, however, warns that added sugar in smoothies is not recommended as it ruins the essence of a healthy smoothie. 


Tabaro says that taking smoothies can help prevent hydration.

About 70 per cent of the body is water; therefore, he says having smoothies as breakfast is a great way to replenish the loss of water in the body.

Aside from that, smoothies can as well help control cravings. He explains that smoothies are full of nutrients and flavour. They are an essential part of breakfast as they provide a power-packed start for the day. 

“Protein along with many other nutrients calms food cravings and keeps one away from eating junk food,” he adds.

Also, Tabaro says smoothies can aid in digestion, especially green smoothies that contain a lot of leafy vegetables, as they add essential vitamins and minerals.

“The fibre supplied by these drinks multiplies the benefits of having a delicious breakfast,” he says.

He further cites that smoothies are also a source of antioxidants. This, Tabaro says, can be achieved by adding green tea powder to make the smoothies rich in antioxidants, and these will help prevent a lot of diseases.

According to Claudine Uwajeneza, a Kigali-based nutritionist, high blood sugar and diabetes are the most common lifestyle diseases that affect many people around the world.

She says that people who have imbalanced sugar levels in their blood are prone to several complications. Thus, she notes, having a breakfast rich in nutrients but low in calories can make things better.

“Smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables are apt choices as they make one feel full without increasing sugar intake,” she says.

Uwajeneza says that smoothies can help one lose excess body weight without skipping meals.

Several health reports published worldwide suggest that foods like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower; are helpful in fighting cancer.

Smoothies made from these ingredients prove really helpful in preventing cancer growth.

On the other hand, Uwajeneza says hormones play a large role in regulating our day-to-day functions. However, any imbalance in their respective levels can lead to grave repercussions.

Moreover, a hormonal imbalance can invite several health hazards. Therefore, to keep your hormones working smoothly, she says, a refreshing smoothie is all one needs.

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