He tried to mug me!

I’ve been robbed before, several times in fact but this last incident rattled me. I now look at everyone suspiciously, even acquaintances because you just never know what people are up to!

I really hope I never have to go through the same anytime soon because these experiences are terrifying. The times I lost valuables in the past taught me a few lessons on steps to take to ward off pickpockets and petty thieves.

Things like always making sure your bag is closed or zipped and holding on tight to it plus the obvious like not holding cash or your wallet especially at night so they aren’t snatched.

I try not to do that even though I usually want to have the money ready to pay the bus or moto fare because again, you don’t want to be that person digging around their purse for too long as that too can provide a would-be mugger more than enough time to strike so what I usually do is stuff a note or two in my pocket before leaving office or the house just in case and I can’t say I had any issues till earlier this week.

I stopped by a shop not far from home to stock up on some essentials and I decided to walk the rest of the way because it was still early. Just 8:30pm.

For all its issues, our neighbourhood is really safe and everyone knows everyone so I wasn’t worried about a thing and I wasn’t distracted by the phone either.

Then I saw him. One minute, he was walking on the opposite side and the next, he had crossed the road and was walking towards me. I didn’t think much of it at first and thought it was just a random person walking past.

Then suddenly, I realised that the guy was about to bump into me. So I tried to turn to get out of his way but he moved even closer.

Next thing I know, a hand is in my bag. I was shocked. I raised my voice, asking what the hell he thought he was doing. He didn’t respond. Luckily, I’d dropped my purse in the small shopping bag with the items I’d just bought at the shop and that’s probably why he hadn’t located it.

I silently prayed he wouldn’t stab or attack me in frustration. Just then, two cars drove past and the guy disappeared. I was so shaken I couldn’t even tell anyone what had just happened.

I wondered if he had followed me all the way from the shop. Was he in the habit of waylaying people or it was a one-off? I had a million questions. I’ve been on the hunt for pepper spray since.

No luck yet but I’m determined to be even better prepared next time. Above all, I’m glad I wasn’t hurt that night. People have sustained serious injuries or worse in similar circumstances.