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Did you know that a flawless manicure can be the perfect accessory to any outfit?

It all starts with choosing the right nail polish colour to complement one’s skin tone.

Mutoni Uwase, a manicurist at Sisters Salon in Kigali, says going for a colour that flatters one’s skin tone is ideal to make the overall appearance stunning. 

She adds that because most people aren’t aware of the best nail polish type, she sometimes helps them choose, depending on their skin tone.

Uwase says there are varieties of nail polish, and that picking the right finish will make a statement.

“Because of the quality of nail polish I use and the best service I provide to my customers, they come back. Fake nail polish can damage one’s nails, so I always use good quality,” she says.

Some of the finishes include crème, metallic, and glitter, among others.

“Going for the glitter finish is chic and pulls attention,’ she says.

The good thing about opting for this kind of finish, she says, is that it can actually be layered over coloured polish, for an even bolder look.

Another thing to try is incorporating designs. One can add stripes or other patterns to their nails if they are comfortable with it.





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