Gwiza dreams of being the world’s best basketball player

Ian Gwiza during training at the school’s playground. Courtesy.

Ian Gwiza is an 11-year old pupil of Wellspring Academy Nyarutarama. His dream is to become the top basketball player in the whole world.

Growing up in a family where his elder brothers were passionate about playing basketball birthed his interest in the game as well. At the age of five, he had no doubt that basketball is a profession that would earn him a living.

At that tender age where kids are usually fascinated with watching cartoons, his was a different story as he preferred watching basketball games. It is for this reason that he taught himself how to play the game through YouTube tutorials.

Playing basketball relieves him from a hectic day and gives him a chance to even practice more.

Gwiza says that his parents provide him with all the necessary equipment and the sports attires for the game, and this he says means a lot to him.

“Parents are important when it comes to choosing a career for their children, if your parents don’t support or guide you, chances are you might be disheartened or end up choosing a wrong career. I thank my parents for not giving up on me and pushing me for this career,” he says.

His role model is Stephen Curry, an American professional basketball player, as he loves what he does and is looking forward to playing just like he does.

Gwiza plays for his school’s basketball team. Him and his fellow teammates are trained after classes, however, he utilises weekends and holidays to train more.

He says basketball as a sport has some challenges, like injuries.

“And because I am short, shooting is a bit hard though it doesn’t stop me from playing the game,” he says.

“I advise my fellow students that if they are talented in something, whether singing, dancing, or drawing, show your ability to others and spare time to practice. But make sure your studies come first. Although I love basketball with a passion, it doesn’t interfere with my studies,” he says.

He has won a golden medal in a basketball competition at his school and believes that he will travel the world because of his talent.

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