The ‘good ones’ were born in November

I celebrated my birthday on November 18 and what a blessing this journey of life has been. Until last year I would openly say my age, then one day while watching an interview of a prominent lady I respected, she said a woman who goes blubbering her age has a big mouth and cannot be trusted with any secret, being a media personality my content comes from the people, I need them to trust me, for that reason I won’t tell you my age but you can try Wikipedia. 

My sister Linda insisted on a serious celebration so together with some amazing friends and siblings we identified a travel package and went all out. As I marked this milestone I smiled at how I have grown. There’s nothing I do not know in life, I have had plenty at my disposal yet I have also found myself lacking. I have broken hearts and had mine broken enough times. I have been misunderstood by many because I am loud and not married! There are wives that let their husbands near me while others kept them away because I was a threat or looked like one. I have started celebrating Christmas away from my birthplace, Kitale, and that is such an achievement, I have only done one year, this will be the second and it’s no mean feat. I always believed in ‘blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh’, then I saw a writing on a bumper sticker that said receivers never know how to say no it’s upon the giver to decide when to stop giving. I can assure you it is not easy. When you stop giving all that you gave in the past is forgotten. You will buy someone a house but they will say you are mean when they ask to be bought for a dress and you refuse. Giving is a great thing! 

Growing up, well, from the time I could understand the happenings around me, I realised we are blessed to bless, if you are able to pay school fees for someone do it, do not throw food when someone could benefit from that.

If your prayer from when you were 18 was to get married then don’t wait till you are 35, it becomes harder for you to get hitched. It is not because there are no people of the opposite sex, it is just that your expectations and demands are high. Once you are that age and unmarried, expect family and friends to come to you for financial assistance, after all, ‘what do you do with your money?’ On several occasions there are those who derive a lot of pleasure from telling you, you have grown old, ignore such people, they’re enemies of progress. If you never knew what made you happy it should be very clear to you post 35 because it is what will make you enjoy your remaining time on earth. They say life begins at 40, did you ever want to work and play hard? This is the time. Did you ever want to travel? Yeah, time is now. Did you ever want to love unconditionally? Try it, I will not promise it is going to be easy but it’s worth trying! To all November babies, happy birth month. Oh, and from now on, I’m 25 years old till further notice.