Give yourself a treat

Getting a massage is a great way to relax. Net photo

We all have responsibilities the moment money is loaded in our bank accounts. For instance; school fees, rent, loans and at times, we are left with nothing to credit ourselves with.

It does not always need to be your spouse, friends or loved ones to take you on a date, tour, spoil you flowers, or gush you with gifts. Do exactly for yourself what you would wish others do for you.

Let yourself articulate hopes, frights, wishes and dreams. This might be therapeutic and remedial. Give yourself an opportunity to learn and experience something fresh, soothing and engrossing.

You never know when the end calls, cheer yourself when you still have a chance, do the massage, visit the salon, work on a manicure and pedicure, revamp your look, buy that bag, replenish your wardrobe, grab a cappuccino, go for that pair of shoes, hook up with the ones you cherish, catch a movie, if it’s possible, fly away. You can go for a silent vacation, meditate, pray, learn yourself more. Know your worries, tempers, excitements. Find means of becoming a better you.

If there is someone special you have ever known, that is “you.” Created wonderfully and exceptionally. One favour you need to do for you is to love yourself so much, more than you have ever imagined.

How often do you write down goals that you would want to achieve? You can start recording them may be.

Your need some incitement, no one must tell you that all will be fine someday, if you doubt it. You owe yourself true love, care, but above all, forgiveness. I have come across people who are so bitter about themselves, just because they made weird decisions and their lives now seem static.

Forgive yourself and move on. You are a human who deserves a second chance; set your hurt and heart free. Forgiveness is medicine to the soul.

Each time you wake in the morning, decree powerful words over your life, “I am powerful, God’s chosen race, above not below, rich, alive, deified,” and much more. Remember your words are creators, what you speak comes to pass. Let your lips speak positivity.

You can decide to give yourself a piece of mind by paying your debts. You know how it nags when you owe someone money but haven’t sorted them out, yet you stay or work together. Basically, whenever your eyes meet, guilt responds. Paying all your debts will give you a peace of mind.

Credit yourself. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make daily, they are tasks that you are really good at. Appreciate yourself with a reward; this will thrust you to be better, each day.

Be you. Do you know that you are the best version of yourself? If you didn’t, now you know. Stop trying so hard to be like someone else. Give yourself a high-five and curb negativity. When that head of yours is raised above, happiness will surely be your second name.