Friends are ‘chosen’ family

Can you believe it’s time to go back to school already?  You are probably excited, or perhaps sad that the holiday is over. The start of a new school year is basically a fresh start, a blank page to write a new future and redefine who you are and what you want to do with your life.

It is normal to be nervous on the first day of school, for various reasons; like new teachers, new friends, a new environment and new courses (for those starting secondary) and perhaps somewhat normal for those moving on to the next class.


“I experienced a lot in O level, I was used to the environment and teachers. I am now parting with some of my friends and this I find hard to come to terms with. However, different schools doesn’t change the fact that we are friends and will be for a long time. I want friends who are supportive,’’ says Tristan Shema.


We don’t really choose who we’re friends with; we have as much say in the matter as the people we become friends with. Making friends is one thing, but choosing who to be friends with is incredibly important. This is because friends help define who we are, and in many ways, they are family. Some friends are closer than others, but who you choose to share important parts of your life with matters most.


“I am going to Kagarama High School. I feel sad about leaving the friends I was with in primary school. It’s not an easy thing for me to meet new people and create meaningful bonds. However, a friend maybe waiting behind a stranger’s face, and so I’m excited about the new adventure, and a little nervous, but I hope I’ll catch up,” says Briella Mpano, a former primary student.

Few things have an impact on our lives like the friendships we make. Take caution when making new friends, look for people who help you with your daily school activities.

“Making new friends is intimidating but definitely rewarding. After all, friends form a big part of one’s life; they walk through life together, share ups and downs, pains and joys. I’ve taught my son how to choose friends which will help him grow into a very great person. As he shifts to a new school, I have a lot of confidence that he will make good friends there as he has always made me proud,’’ says Divine Uwamahoro.

Every day is a chance to change and make things right; if you were not good at making friends at your former school, use this chance to change that.

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