Freedom of worship in school

Parents often choose which religion their children will study. Net photo.

I strongly believe that when it comes to religion, parents should let their children follow their heart. What do they believe in?

Really young children may not be in the position to make such decisions, however, high school and university students should be able to decide which religion they want to subscribe to.

Many schools have Christianity as their overall religion, forgetting that some students are from different faiths. This makes it hard for those students to put their creed into practice while at school.

A journey with God should not be forced, as prayer should be an honest form of communication with the Lord.

I personally went to an SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) school where all students, regardless of their own faith, had to become Adventists.

I recall students getting baptised. Many got baptised after consistent requests from the religious leaders and prefects, without even getting time to check with their parents first.

When one is given the responsibility to make such decisions, with parental supervision, they make better choices for themselves. And this responsibility is what motivates them and gives them the confidence to do well in society.

God listens to every prayer. I have always encouraged students to do what they feel is best for them as far as their personal relationship with God is concerned.