Fashion trends to follow in 2019

Fashion trends nowadays basically revolve around being one step ahead. It is never too early to keep an eye out for that one show stopping item that is a must have for your closet. People all over the world are delighted and relived to be exiting the cold December and early January environment.

The spring summer fashion trend is one that seems to be the most anticipated one yet. This may be due to the fact that people can’t wait to hurl out their summer outfits and hopefully snag some new trending ones at the shops.

One of the trends that is said to take the fashion world by storm this year is shorts; cycling shorts to be precise. These are skin-tight knee-length shorts made of stretch fabric. These shorts were originally designed to be worn by cyclists. However, this doesn’t seem to stop ladies from creating a merge between the sports and fashion world.

 These shorts are predicted to be worn all year long, starting from spring. This is because they just about blend in with every season there is, except winter. They have a boyish vibe and they definitely come in all sizes, making it available for any body type.

Over-sized hats is proving to be an attention grabbing trend this year as well. Over-sized hats are in most cases worn in summer just to chicly keep the sun from scorching one’s face and look stunning while doing so.

“Over-sized hats are indeed perfect for summertime or any sunny day. However, my only worry is that they may only be suitable for middle aged ladies,” says Allen Cyuzuzo, a post graduate student.

Additionally, neon coloured outfits seem to be receiving a lot of buzz for this year. A neon outfit is a must have for your wardrobe if you are seeking an outfit that will make you stand out on a night out after work. It you are one who enjoys the spotlight, a neon pantsuit is just about the right fit for you.

 “We are expecting different kinds of trends to roll in this year and I am certain people are at the door steps of stores waiting to purchase some items. I am excited to see what this year has in store for us in terms of fashion,” Patience Isaro, a boutique owner at Nyarugenjye Market in town, says.

With all this said, I know I am not the only one anxiously awaiting 2019 fashion trends that will reboot our closets to inhabit trends such as tie-dye outfits that will bring out a “feel-good” vibe out of you with their pop of bright, fun colours. You will also be able to enjoy more sophisticated ensembles that will give you the ultimate ‘boss lady’ look at work and on an evening out as well.