Dos and don’ts of wearing a bra

For comfort, always wear the right bra size. /Net photos

Bras are essential to women. Your hair can be beautiful, outfit great, but there’s still something, off — the bra. Wearing the wrong bra can ruin even the most sophisticated look. Before worrying about hair or make-up, women should definitely think about bra issues first.

This article points out what you might be doing wrong and how to fix it. It is common to make blunders with bras, how to correct them is what counts.


DO wear the right size


This is probably the most important thing about wearing a bra. You have to keep everything in the right proportion. You don’t want your boobs to be spilling out of your bra, nor do you want there to be too much of a gap. Be sure to get the right bra for yourself in order to get that comfort that you deserve too.


DON’T wear a white bra under dark colours

If you want to put on a bolder colour, do not pair it up with a white bra. Especially when the top is slightly see-through and flimsy. A white bra stands out and can ‘steal the show’. This also applies to wearing a brightly coloured bra with white or nude tops. No one really wants to see what you’re wearing underneath. It’s a bad idea. You’ll end up with photos of yourself and think, ‘why did i wear that bra’?

DON’T wear a bra on its tightest hook

When trying on new bras, never pick the tightest hook. This is because, as the bra wears out, it becomes slightly loose. So you need to make sure you can adjust its fit as you go along. Without having to throw them out for a tighter size.

DO wear a strapless bra

If you’re planning to wear a tube top, you should definitely go for a strapless bra. When the straps of your bra are popping out, it’s not as nice and ‘effortless’ as you think. Keep it classy, and go for the strapless bra!

DO wear best lift and support bra

Breasts are not always as firm as they used to be, or could increase in size. Both of these factors can raise many questions. For starters, you won’t get the perfect lift and support from a wireless bra. Especially when you want to enhance a lift.

DON’T wear a bra that rides up your back

A bra that rides up your back can cause more pain and discomfort. Such bras stop blood circulation too. Have you ever felt the straps and back digging into your skin? Then consider opting for a support bra for full-figure to support your body type.

DO go bra-less

No, we’re not saying you should go out and run around topless. When you’re planning to wear something that is low cut or backless, you might want to consider going bra-less. It’s only because seeing a bra strap may ruin your entire look. But, only go completely bra-less if you are comfortable. If not, you could always wear stick-ons for that extra bit of security.

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