DJ Pius, Charly na Nina on a music tour

After recently parting ways with their long-time manager Alex Muyoboke, female musical duo Charly na Nina went on a musical hiatus that kept fans guessing what their next move would be.  

The Zahabu singers have been hard at work, securing performance contracts both from the region and internationally.

Apart from their upcoming mega European tour, the duo is set to perform at the third edition of Rwanda Connect, an annual musical event that happens in Kampala, Uganda every April. They will be accompanied on stage by DJ Pius, while Kigali-based DJs Spinny and Mupenzi will spin the disks.  

The event is scheduled for April 14 at the Atmosphere Lounge in Kampala.

It is the third consecutive year that the trio performs at Rwanda Connect, whose first edition was staged in 2016.

Jose Chameleon, Geosteady, and Weasel are some of the Ugandan musicians that will grace the night. 

Meanwhile, DJ Pius is presently in Senegal where he is taking part in a promotional tour with Trace TV, for which he is an ambassador in East Africa.

Shortly after, Charly na Nina will head off to their European tour, which kicks off on May 5 with the Belgium leg.

After Belgium, they will head to France and Switzerland, before winding up their musical tour in Sweden.


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