Different religions and beliefs

Today, the world is characterised by various religions and beliefs; for example, some people believe that there is life after death and others do not.

Some people believe in God, the Creator of heaven and earth, they are Christians with religious groups like Catholics, Protestants, and Seventh-Day Adventists, to mention a few. We also have Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many others.


Christians believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and that He died for our sins and resurrected. Muslims believe in Allah (God) and that Jesus was a prophet.


Some people do not believe in anything. Perhaps they are confused about the ‘right way’, and others feel that there is no God and that life ends here on earth.


Other people worship statues, animals, gods of ancient times, and so on. Many people in the past used to believe in these ancient gods, like god of the sun, god of rain, god of harvest, and so on.

Also, there are others with beliefs based on Satan. Yes, Satan. It is called Satanism. A weird fact is that many expect evil from this lot, however, through research, you might be surprised to learn that many Satanists are a lot more interested in community activism and individual freedoms than bizarre rituals. It still, however, makes very many people terrified of them.

Everyone has the right to choose a religion or what to believe in. No matter what we believe in, we should strive to be the best we can be.

The writer is a senior four student at Groupe Scolaire Officiel de Butare (GSOB).

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