Did you know water can dance?

A waterpark in Nyamata. The slides create excitement and fun. Net photo.

If you have watched the ‘dancing water’ at the Dubai Mall then you will agree with me that it can. Water is channelled into different water pipes that jet out the water at different moments and speed. So you have some water being jetted out very fast or slow, very high, as high as 150 metres in the air, or switched off completely. The water dances in waves, in sprinkles forming various shapes and figures that altogether form a stupendous display that is very impressive. Among others is the glorious water entertainment site found at Tiesto - Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas. The hands of the water jetting from the fountains are very similar to the hands of women gracefully waving during the Rwandan traditional dance – quite a spectacular view. 

Apart from dancing, how else can water be used for entertaining? Famous entertainers like Celine Dion at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, and Dima Bilan while performing at the MUZ-Tv Awards Moscow, sang on raised platforms while water cascaded down in different forms and shapes around them, making a form of canopy that enclosed them but the water did not wet the audience.


Waterparks that include various different slides, rides and dives all create excitement and fun for both the young and old are also exciting places to get maximum entertain for all one’s senses. Water has an attraction that is truly unexplainable.


Equally exciting means of enjoying water through sports include the water surfing and boat riding. Recently, water aerobics has joined the myriad of entertainment but healthy work-out options that are available for you. A good number of swimming pools in Rwanda do offer this very effective weight loss activity.


Some of its selling qualities is that water is smooth and refreshing but at the same time, you cannot contain it. The fact that it is colourless also makes working with it very easy as you can give it any mix of colours and recreate its feel and taste. Also, it easily takes on any shape you give it, whether spray or waves.

The teacher in me cannot resist to urge you to keep the water singing, although you may not hear it, by saving that one drop from the dripping tap using water as responsibly as we can. Together, you and I and everyone else can keep the water dancing.



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