Did you know about shared space?

While some people are haggling about the size of their mansion being too small and they want more space for themselves, others require not a flat, not a room, but a bed. This is increasingly becoming the norm in so many thriving modern cities where people work day and night with hardly any time to breathe, let alone enjoy the space. But to think about it seriously, people just need enough space for the body to fit, nothing more; nothing less.

During daytime or nighttime — depends on when you go to work — you store your bed and belongings into the wall and lock up. Then another person unlocks their bed and uses the same space while you are away working. Now that is the true meaning of utilising all the bed space and the occupants are not complaining, neither is the owner of the space who gets to use it effectively, day and night.


Interestingly, in Japan, on top of renting a book to read, you could as well book a bed to sleep in overnight as you enjoy your book. This bed is like a shelf and you get light which you can moderate to suit your needs.


Away from bed space, the trend for sharing office space is increasingly becoming popular. What, with the exorbitant rises in rent and utilities, people have decided to rent space in a given building or space for their business needs. In this venue, everything is shared right from the secretary and secretarial services, to the internet, as well as the actual office space.


One can choose when to have an appointment with a client or customer and pay for that time. Once they are done, they leave the space for another person to use. Depending on your needs, you can rent a day office, part time or an hourly one.

Sharing a kitchen is a plausible alternative for those who may want to prepare food for business purposes, large occasions like parties or to get ideas from a melting point of people from different backgrounds. In this kitchen you can use the facilities you never would have had had you been alone. Clearly sharing is the way to go. 

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