Did you know about: People powered vehicles

As we use up the earth’s resources, some of its un renewable riches like petroleum or oil, minerals, gases and all sorts of resources are drying up so we need to think of ways to do the same things but in a different manner, so as to either conserve the resource before it utterly runs out or because the material has run out but we still need to do the activity.

Some places in the world already have a head start in these areas. Take for instance the diminishing petroleum or gas which are so crucial in transportation, because a number of people have to move together to a certain destination, such as students who have to go to school. Instead of fuelling the bus with gas or petrol, it is moved by all the students on the bus pedaling with their legs – just like you would do while riding a bicycle.


Other cities have adopted this method and this has been welcomed by passengers who sit and keep pedaling until they have to get off at their destination. This has three benefits: one is that you combine your effort to get you to a destination which is very rewarding. The other bonus is you get a complete workout and at the same time have loads of fun. Imagine all the students working out in the morning and using up some of that boundless energy. Children in Holland are already happily pedaling their way to school.


Of course some people would argue that there will be those people who will not put in as much effort as the others and also, that others are just not as strong, so how do you measure the energy exerted? What about passengers who are ill or physically challenged or just now willing to use up their energy in such a manner? A pertinent but difficult question to answer. Definitely there could be alternative means put for them. As the system progresses, measures would be put in place to address such irregularities.


Beer party lovers have also grabbed this opportunity and instead of hopping from bar to bar, they instead pedal from place to place while enjoying their drink at the same time.

On the side of the environment, this is the best news possible; no pollution; fumes or sound and nothing is destroyed so definitely a win – win situation for all concerned.

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