Did you know about flash mobs?

Recently, the press covered different gatherings of people in many areas of the world for various reasons. But what you might find interesting is the random gathering of people at a certain pre-agreed venue to achieve or carry out a given activity for a set period of time. This is called a ‘flash mob’.

Various cities and towns around the world have hosted flash mobs of various people doing different things, like a dance routine with a number of people ranging from ten to over a hundred. It usually happens in a random public place with no warning at all. You are admiring the scenery, or generally minding your own business, when suddenly one person starts to make these dance moves, they are then joined by more and more people and before you know it, a mass of people who were seemingly just passing by or also admiring the view turn into dancers for a short period of time. Unexpectedly, similar to the way they begun, they stop, disperse and go on their way and the place goes back to how it was before, in a flash — as the name suggests. The only significant difference is that you were chanced to actually witness a once-in-a-life time experience and the effects of it stay on your mind.

If it is random, how does it seem so organised, you may wonder? Social media plays a large role in ensuring that as many people as possible learn about it. The time, place and dance moves, as well as the music, is all precisely communicated and how everything will be carried out.  The participants’ then practice their moves in different places, some at home, others at school, wherever, then they just wait to turn up.

Flash mobs are organised to achieve different goals. Some use them to publicise their products or services, other people who want to get across a message in a peaceful and fun way may also organise a flash mob. But the most beautiful reason for organising a flash mob is just because you can do it and pull it off. The thrill of getting people together, the constant promotions and reminders and finally the execution makes you realise the beauty that lies in people working together.