The denim shirt: Casual but chic

If there is something that will never go out of style, it is denim. Denim comes in different colours and appeals to people of all ages. A denim shirt will enrich your look depending on what you pair it with.

Wear a denim top with black jeans; add casual earrings, black pumps and a purse. Play around with different earrings suitable for a specific function.

A lighter wash shirt is covered over sleek, dark wash jeans, to generate distinction in a relaxed outfit. Wearing a lighter shade of denim on top also sketches attention to your top half, harmonising your overall shape.

On a sunny day, style you denim shirt with white tight pants; this will pull off the stylish look but with less hassle. Complete your appearance with gold earrings, flat shoes, a clutch bag and sunglasses. This works well for a weekend.

A denim shirt matches suitably with a lace skirt, preferably maroon, purple or cream. If you are attending an evening event, complement it with pretty ballet flats. You can swap the flats with heels or a pair of wedges and add floppy jewellery if you are heading out for dinner.

Denim shirts can be worn instead of jackets. For cold evenings, you can pair your sleeveless or strapless black dress with a denim shirt and leave it unbuttoned. Match it with sandals, a small ladylike casual bag, and a simple bangle or gold watch.

If you love shorts, here is the good news, you can style a denim shirt with denim shorts and enhance the look with sneakers. For an evening with friends, add simple jewelry. But if it is a party, replace the sneakers with heels. A dull colour pair of heels would be better in order for you to remain simple but chic.