Dare to do it

A world-class marathon runner slows down to help a disabled man drink water. Net photo.

Many people think that heroism is not easy to achieve.  No, you can be a hero in many ways. Heroes are not just people who die for their country or society, but even those who take part in beneficial societal activities.

Heroism is a worthy achievement—it brings pride to the hero and community in general.

Perhaps this is why some think that it is meant for others and not them. But why not you? It is not difficult—the opportunity to be a hero is within our reach. You do not have to go to war—just look at your neighbour—do they have basic needs? If not, how can you help? That is very simple to do. There are many other activities that can benefit people around you.

Heroic actions known are many. Do not try to imitate what you cannot afford, just think of what you can do in your capacity. Everything is achievable, do not think of negative impacts only because that will discourage you.

A hero always has positive ambitions that lead to success, though you may face tough conditions. Do not be discouraged, just be persistent and your heroic actions will be as awesome as any.

Heroism is a very precious feature. No one is designed for it. Just struggle knowing that striving to be better is the key. And also bear in mind that ambitions are not left to thought only, they have to be put in action. So, overcome laziness and fear.

Do not let anyone or anything distract you, stand by your word and honour and look forward to priceless achievements.

Uwimana is an aspiring writer and student at Lycée de Kigali

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