Contrary to popular opinion, feminists make the best partners

Feminists have got the misconstrued reputation of being angry radical misandrists who have no business being in relationships.

People who think these things are either patriarchs or they have interacted with selfish women disguised as feminists (unfortunately there are many of them out there). In truth, feminists make the best partners. Here is why.

When you date a feminist, you don’t always have to “be a man.” What this means is that you don’t only have to be on the giving side of money. You don’t have to pay every time you go out. You don’t have to adopt her and provide for her. You don’t have to be an unfailing knight in shining amour. You have a partner who gives as much as she takes. She will spoil you. She will support you.

Feminists are independent. So then, she won’t get upset and nag you and cry because you haven’t tended to her 24/7. Her world won’t revolve around you and you will have space to breathe.

When you are with a feminist-a true feminist, you won’t be judged for feeling your feelings. You can cry. You can admit that you are hurt or that you don’t know. You can admit to having a sweet tooth and you can comfortably watch that ‘girly’ TV show you secretly like. You can leave the highly damaging and extremely limiting toxic masculinity at the door and embrace the real you when you are with her.

You don’t have to be a mind-reader while she gives hints and hopes to God that you catch on, and then gets frustrated when you don’t. A feminist will be clear from the start if she is looking for a casual relationship or if wants something serious. Because one thing that feminists are good at is speaking up. She won’t try to manipulate, trap or coerce you into commitment because she knows that her value is not found in being tethered to someone.

A feminist is confident. She is comfortable in her own skin and takes the time to understand the workings of her own mind, body and spirit. Because of this, she will appreciate your compliments but they won’t be her lifeline. In other words, she is no compliment-seeker.

A feminist is considerate and empathetic because justice is at the core of her cause. You can expect that she will be fair, honest and kind. She won’t sit back waiting to be pursued and appeased.

With a feminist, you will certainly have witty and insightful conversations because she is sharp as a tack. She will challenge you and open your mind as opposed to walking on egg shells around your ego by failing to contradict you. You will be a better man for it.

You will also be a better man because a true feminist is self-respecting and as such, will always hold you to a high standard. With her, there will be no space for mediocrity.