Circle skirts; a trend for all ages

Do you want to stay ahead of the fashion curve? The round skirt will help you accomplish that. The round skirt is sexy and a trend that is not about to ‘fall’ as it works for all ages, body shapes and sizes.  

You can wear one with a snug top, tucked in. A basic button-up, snug turtleneck or knit top will do perfectly. They can also be matched with a silky blouse with vintage accents. You can tuck the shirt in completely or just the front part.

Round skirts look chic if worn with heels or wedges. Add a belt. Heighten the waistline with a thin belt for added delineation. For a more vintage look, try it with some sweater knit tights.

No matter the length or design of the round skirt, a striped top will go with it. You can alternatively blend a round skirt with a solid-coloured top.

A black top and a brightly coloured skirt make a great combination and enable you to move freely, or bend without worry.

How to pick the right one?

A simple patterned skirt works well for slimmer people. If you are plus-size, go for black as it makes one look slimmer, also, embrace patterns and designs as they are a great way to bring out your personality. Try floral prints too.