Church Business

A Malawian Pastor and his wife who reside in South Africa were arrested on fraud and money laundering charges. They’ve since been released on bail.

These two, like many before them, are smart and these charges will eventually be dropped and business will resume. The irony is that their Church is called “Enlightened Christian Gathering Church”.

Their enthusiastic followers clearly aren’t or else they wouldn’t have been so quick to jump to their defense! I’ve defended Men and Women of God in the past with good reason.

Not all of them are self-serving money grabbers eager to empty the Tithe and Offering Bags at the end of every Service. Many genuinely care about their congregation, feed the hungry, take the homeless in, offer scholarships and such.

There’s also rent for those who don’t own the Church Building and whatever other facilities they use, plus power, water and other utility bills so in that sense, it’s their livelihood and therefore okay for them to use whatever they collect to clear the bills.

However when people start buying private jets and luxury cars, then we have a problem. Church leaders need to be held accountable and if you’re one of those who just keep giving every time the Pastor demands you do so, you’re part of the problem.

Even the Bible cautions us to “Know them by their fruits. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” Matthew 7:15-20 Go read it!

If your Pastor builds a swanky mansion overnight and has a new car every other month and you’re okay with that, then by all means keep giving, after all it’s your money.

Personally, I’d rather give directly to a cause or someone I think really needs it as opposed to dropping thousands in the Offertory Basket. There’re always alarm bells. Like being asked to pay to see the Pastor.

Who does that? I also try to stay away from Churches run by “Apostles” and “Prophets” who dish miracles on demand!

I believe in miracles but even Jesus didn’t turn water into wine every Sunday or raise a million Lazaruses from the dead the way these Pastors have scores of people standing up from their Wheelchairs!

I don’t know if it’s enabled by a gullible or desperate congregation. Do you really believe some flimsy oil or water is going to cure your Cancer or HIV? You better take your medication or else you’ll die!

Some people spend their days and nights in Church praying for financial miracles. For the last time, God is not about to drop money from Heaven. Get a job and if you do, spend your money wisely!

And ladies, if you and your partner aren’t having much luck trying to start a family, don’t believe the Pastor’s lies about visions he’s having that he’s the answer. You’d be amazed how many women fall for this!

It’s okay to pray about it. However once that’s done, you probably need to check into a fertility clinic!




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