China’s Singles’ Day should go global

It kind of is already, judging from the global celebrities and influencers recruited to publicise it even more and everybody knows it’s not only Single people who shop like crazy on November 11th even though couples and families have their own offers especially around Christmas! 

Still, I think other online platforms and regular outlets should adopt it, seeing as there are millions if not billions of Single people around the world. With reports that Alibaba made billions within hours, imagine how much more retailers would make if as many discounts and deals were extended to Singletons everywhere! 


I’m not sure who spends more though: Single people or those in relationships. It may appear like the latter shop more but that may not be the case. 


And we have to remember that there are many Single Parents out there too but let’s take things at face value where Single literally means single. So who shops more? You may not be required to buy cereal or toys as somebody with kids. 


But you could still spend more either investing or pampering yourself or both. Not that those with children don’t indulge but a common assumption is that you’re more likely to travel or go on vacation, buy the most expensive jewelry or spend your money however you want before the kids come along. 

I guess this is the same reason single people are expected to have “healthy” savings and family and friends will run to them first in case of emergencies because they don’t imagine they spend their earnings. Again, could be a wrong assumption. 

Yes they may live in smaller apartments and may not feel the need to buy a car as someone with a family would but you can never really know how people spend their money or what investments they may have made over time. 

The other assumption is that single people have less hectic lives which may or may not be true depending on one’s lifestyle. Suddenly, I’m reminded of my university days when all we had to worry about was making sure we didn’t miss lectures. 

No major bills except tuition and boarding. 

You could have breakfast for dinner, decide to have a girls’ or boys’ night out, pack an overnight bag and spend the night at a friend’s without worrying about finding someone to watch your kids, no emergency calls about sick kids while on assignment, no stress helping the kids with their homework, assuming they’re in school anyway because not everyone can afford the fees!

I can see why it’s easy to assume singletons have it better and why some opt to stay single for life!

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