A case for wigs

Forget diamonds. Wigs are a girl’s best friend. She who buys a good wig finds a good thing as they will have you covered, literally for months, if not years.

Made in all shapes, colours and styles, they’re one accessory you want to have on your dresser and anyone who tells you to ditch them doesn’t wish you well.

In light of the raging debate on whether they should be taxed or not, I hope the powers that be will reconsider. Women who fancy wigs should access them for as little as possible in my opinion, maybe even for free at some point.

We need wigs to give our “real” hair a break from all the heat and chemicals we subject it to. We need them on days when we don’t have time or money to go to the salon to fix our hair.

I know many new moms who can’t bear the thought of leaving their newborns and others who just couldn’t be bothered and the wig saved the day.

And ladies, who hasn’t had a bad hair day? We need wigs on windy and rainy days because they don’t get messed up as straightened or relaxed hair often does, and on hot and dusty days because they trap all that unwanted sweat and dirt.

Wigs make moto rides less stressful for germophobes because you don’t want that clogged up helmet anywhere close to your hair. Just remember to wash it every two weeks or so.

Wigs help on date nights too and can transform you from plain Jane to pretty whatever your name is in minutes. Just keep it real with neutral colours. Black, brown or go for highlights but not blue, pink or green especially if you’re dark.

Don’t believe those guys who tell you they like your natural hair because they are the same people chasing hot girls rocking good wigs. Lose yours and you could be out of the game! I feel like the wig tax is unfair, much like the one on sanitary products.

Girls and women didn’t choose to have periods. Some girls have their first period at 10.

Imagine having to deal with this costly monthly discomfort for 40 years or more! It’s tough, especially if you factor in cramps that you need painkillers for.

And if your period lasts 4 days or longer, it costs even more because you may need at least two packs each cycle. If you don’t believe me, check the sanitary aisle the next time you visit a pharmacy or supermarket. Pads and tampons aren’t cheap.

Some guys may be oblivious to this but women have a lot to deal with. With many girls already forced to stay away from school and some women who may also miss work during that time of the month, it’s hard enough without the additional stress of more expenses. If anything, we should be pushing for free sanitary products.

Taxes should be reserved for luxurious goods, cars, alcohol, fizzy drinks and plastic which is wrecking our environment.