Britney Spears: Retiring from music amid dad’s health crisis?

These are tough times for the pop icon known to her adoring fans as Godney.

As you may have heard, Britney Spears’ father is reported to be on his death bed.

Jamie Spears was forced to undergo emergency surgery after his colon spontaneously ruptured in November of 2018.

Sadly, in the months since, the 66-year-old’s health issues have persisted, and insiders say the Spears family has been told to brace themselves for the worst.

The singer is so distraught by the situation that she checked into a mental health facility last month.

Sources say Britney sought help early, and with the help of loved ones and professionals, she’s managed to steer clear of another meltdown.

But that doesn’t mean she’ll be returning to the stage anytime soon.

According to insiders who spoke with Michael Shuter for his Straight Shuter podcast, Britney has decided to step away from music for the foreseeable future -- and at this time, it’s unclear if the 37-year-old will ever perform again.

“Britney’s only job is getting help and she has checked into a facility to seek treatment,” says one source.

“She will do whatever it takes to get well and if that means walking away from performing, then so be it.”

Fortunately, it seems that Britney has yet to experience any blowback from her decision.

“People around her are being very supportive and don’t care about how much money she will be walking away from,” says the insider.

“She already has more cash than she can ever spend and now is desperate to find something that money cannot buy— happiness.”

A different source confirms to Us Weekly that her father’s illness was a “breaking point” for Britney that caused her to re-evaluate her life and priorities.

“Britney was distraught when her dad first got sick,” one insider tells the tabloid.



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