Boyfriend jeans; a must have?

A good number of people out there wonder what boyfriend jeans are and where the name came from. Boyfriend jeans are a pair of pants that are slouchy and relaxed. The name comes from the fact that they literally look like they were borrowed from your brother, boyfriend or even husband.

Boyfriend jeans are meant to be free and loose. However it doesn’t mean that boyfriend jeans have to be worn extra baggy. This entirely depends on your preference as a lady. Slimmer and tight-fitting boyfriend jeans are coming out for those who fancy a more body-fitting look.

The loose fit is favourable for just about any body type. Due to the new and improved models coming out, one can choose how baggy they would wish their jeans to be.

If you are the type who goes for the more fitting, reduced clothing, one would opt for the slender version of the boyfriend jeans. This is different from one who enjoys the looser fit just to make it more authentic.

“The best part about these jeans is that they are comfortable and suitable for any body type,” says Umulisa, a shop owner in town.

“Boyfriend jeans are more relaxed than skinny jeans yet just as chic and current. They can be paired with just about any top and can be thrown on at any time of the day. The boyfriend jean portrays an effortlessly elegant look with a touch of the boyish vibe,” she says.