Be helpful, and it will come back to you

Our parents always tell us to help those in need, because we might be in the same situation and need help from others. My parents often take me to charity events, and encourage me to help others, besides, at school I always look out for my friends who need help.

One day I read a story about donkey and a horse; it inspired and challenged me to help others. The story goes like this:

Once, a trader had a donkey and a horse. Everyday, he would load the donkey heavily and go to the city to sell things. 

One hot day, the donkey started feeling dizzy. He asked the horse to take some of his load but the horse refused saying that it was not his duty to carry loads. 

Soon, the donkey fell down and died due to extreme heat. The trader put the entire load on the horse’s back and continued his journey. 

So, it’s true that one who does not help his friend in need has to himself face problems in the long run.

Fellow children, I hope you never hesitate to help others once they reach out to you. We all need help in life.

The writer is a 14-year-old Primary Six student


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