Balancing school and social life

It is important to balance the time for class work and socialising. File photo.

Many can testify that finding some ‘alone time’ to study when friends are trying to chit chat is not the easiest thing out there. Trying to find a balance between your academics and staying current with your friends is what most students struggle with. However, there is indeed a road in between.

If one wants to keep their grades up and not make themselves extinct in society, it calls for extra blood and sweat. One of the ways you can maintain both is by keeping an updated schedule. When one has a schedule, it becomes easier to allocate your time to various areas respectively. By doing this, you will be more organised and less frustrated because everything will have its own time.

Another thing one needs to stay clear of in order to achieve the balance is procrastination. There is a saying that goes “procrastination is the enemy of progress”. If you have an assignment to do, do it there and then. If you make the mistake of going out to dinner with friends first, or staying up late watching a series, then you will never get anything done on time. Instead, you will end up panicking and stressing about a mid-term test you didn’t study for.

If you are that person with a demanding social life, that part of you tends to weigh heavier than the academic one. Schedule a few hours with your friends. Let loose and enjoy your youth. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it. There is time for everything, you shouldn’t drown yourself in books thinking that that is the only way to ace the test. An equilibrium of both is key.

“I find it hard to find time for my friends and be able to devote a lot of attention to my demanding books. To make the situation worse, my friends don’t understand that skipping out on them is for a good cause,” Annabelle Keza, a senior five student says.

If you are to create a successful balance between academic and social life, then seeking help from fellow students is just as important. Going through the journey with someone is helpful because you are able to motivate each other and attain a certain goal.

“Students need to first be able to pinpoint the academic goals they want to achieve. After doing this, they will be in the position to tackle each goal one by one. Finding one or two hours for their leisure activities is crucial as well. By doing this, they will be more productive and efficient,” says Emmanuel Kalisa, a high school teacher.  

Letting one element of your life weigh more than the other may not be the best way to go about things. Establishing a middle ground will keep one sane in their day-to-day activities. Every student should be encouraged to keep up with both aspects of their lives.