Avoid developing superiority complex and work on your social skills

Students’ academic success is largely influenced by different people including teachers and fellow students. If you can’t fit in any social group at school, it may be related to a false feeling that you’re either too superior to your friends or that you’re too feebly unfit to mingle with friends. One thing you have to know is that friendship is often about more than just having the same hobbies or values as other students. You don’t have to look for a 100% of your status fit or else you’re putting artificial barriers onto your ability to just interact with students and get to know them as individuals. Don’t exaggerate the prominence of perfect groups in your mind. Tons of students out there don’t perfectly fit in with their groups but at least they have a bunch of friends, and are drawn to particular traits in their social networks.

You’re surrounded by thousands of peers, most of whom are enthusiastic to meet friends like you plus you have more social skills and positive traits under the surface but your perception and internal barriers don’t give way to put them to practice. With the right mindset and exposure you can really make a difference in your social confidence and impressions quickly. So, draw closer to your schoolmates regardless of whether they’re weak or too strong in some areas. The road to success is always under construction through team work, discussions and companionship. Collaborating with others will help you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses for example leadership abilities, idea development and self awareness. Classmates have the potential to influence you positively, building your confidence and can make your future really shine. 


Avoid developing that superiority complex and work on your social skills as a whole. You don’t need an “interesting life” to make interesting conversations with friends. All you need to do is; frequent yourself in places where potential friends are, and meet and talk to them.  Similarly take the initiative to hang out with the people you seem to share similar interests and see where the budding friendship goes. It’s fun to learn from friends to even enhance self approval.  Isolated studying is like a two-winged bird without legs for it can only fly yet at one point, standing will be required.


Another easier method is to join extra-curricular activities. Whether you’re into football, English club or the school band, joining a few extra-curricular activities will accelerate your socialization process simply because you’ll get to know a wider variety of friends who share your interests. Every person needs a sense of belonging and the essence of this idea is favorable for establishing a correct personal outlook on your social life and academic success.


So don’t be an impossible person who can’t mingle with anyone but rather start by doing little things like saying hello to your friends at school with a smile and just start from scratch to take it to a higher level. Get out of your comfort zone and you’ll be more likely to attract a diverse group of interesting students to have a fulfilling academic journey.

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