Is age just a number?

“Age is just a number” must be the one of the most popular statements out there. People tend to use it when they are justifying certain actions that seem off. However, if you believe that your age is a limitation factor, then you need to re-think things. One is only as young as their self-confidence, and as old as their fear. We are literally our biggest obstacle; the hurdle that will stop us from achieving whatever it is we want in life.

When you go past the age you felt you would be topping the charts with your success, you start losing hope. You tell yourself, “oh well, this is it for me”. Whoever said that at 40, dreams can’t be pursued, a weight loss strategy is of no use, or the perfect man/woman is not out there? We should do what we put our minds too.

One of the things people out there need to ascertain is that you are never in control of what stage in life you will meet success. So giving up shouldn’t be in the cards. People, Ellen DeGeneres first landed her huge break at the age of 41. If you are wondering ‘how old is too old’ to start something new, launch a business, change careers or be a great leader, the answer is never.

If looking ageless is what you are fighting for, it is definitely attainable. With the right lifestyle and fitness regime, you can be in top physical form even after decades. Look at Jenifer Lopez. She has every woman’s dream body at the age of 49. Nonetheless, that body does not come easy. It takes a healthy diet and constant workout to maintain it.

Never listen to a person who says you are too old for love. I don’t think love has an age limit. As long as you have a beating heart, you are capable of finding your soulmate. It is up to you to do some soul searching and find the one who was made for you. Ageing is an extraordinary process, you become the person you were meant to be.

Your age should never be a factor that stops you from reaching heights you have always dreamed of. They say the older you are, the wiser you get. If that is not a bonus, I don’t know what is.