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Religious bodies urged to join fight against child abuse

SG Rwanda Investigation Bereau, Jeannot Ruhunga(L) Minister of Local Government Prof Anastase Shyaka (C) ,Muft of Rwanda, Sheikh Salim Hitimana during the Meeting on September 27,2019/Craish Bahizi


The Secretary-General of Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) Jeannot Ruhunga on Friday said that the campaign against child abuse is not the responsibility of a certain single institution but rather a collective effort if the vice was to be completely uprooted in the Rwandan society.


He made the observation while opening a one-day conference in Kigali aimed at evaluating the progress made in the fight against GBV and what new measures can be taken to ensure this is curtailed.


“Its a must for each and everyone who wants to make a meaningful contribution to the future of our nation, to take care of the young generation by shielding them from any form of abuse. Because what we sow in them today, is what we shall harvest in the future. The future of our country lies in the hands of young people,” Ruhunga said.


The conference, titled “Stop abusing a child” was jointly organised by RIB in partnership with World Vision.

The main purpose of the meeting was to rally religious organisations, civil society and non-governmental organisations to join the fight against all forms of child abuse.

Prof Anastase Shyaka, the Minister for Local Government pointed out the particular importance of religious organasations in this fight.

“Religious entities, which are able to reach out to a lot of people in a short time, are the right partners in advocating for children rights," he said. 

Through their body, the Rwanda Interfaith Council, the religious entities vowed to support the efforts as stressed by the Mufti of Rwanda, Sheikh Salim Hitimana, who represented the council at the meeting.


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