Kwibuka25: Northern Province honours slain teachers, students

Students from seven schools across Gakenke District and officials during in a Walk to Remember yesterday in honour of teachers and students killed in the Genocide. Photos by Régis Umurengezi.

Northern Province yesterday commemorated teachers and students from the province who were killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The commemoration events happened simultaneously in all the five districts that make up Northern Province with pupils, students, teachers as well as local officials gathering to reflect on the Genocide.

It was the first time commemoration activities in the province were being conducted simultaneously.

The lectures centred around how the Genocide was organised and executed.

“We decided that students across the province, together with their teachers, gather in their respective schools for Genocide commemoration with a common message being delivered,” Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi, the Governor of Northern Province, said.

He promised that commemoration of this nature will be conducted every year in order to give students and teachers a deeper understanding of the Genocide.

“We want children to be aware of the history of their country, particularly the Genocide against the Tutsi, for them to start assuming the responsibility to fight all forms of divisionism as the future of this country lie in the hands of the young generation,” said Gatabazi

Fighting genocide ideology as well as embracing Ndi Umunyarwanda were the main areas of discussion during the lectures.

While addressing students and teachers from seven schools across Gakenke District at Nemba playground, Gatabazi asked educationists to educate their students about the history of their country.

Protogene Nshimiyimana, the Head Teacher of G.S Nemba I, said; “The curriculum under past regimes had hate content…today, the education curriculum is intended to foster quality of education, unity and (Rwandan) values for the benefit of all.”

Students from across the province pledged to optimise the platforms that have been given to them in order to fight genocide ideology.

“As the young generation, we can’t allow genocide to happen again; we already know that we always have to stand together,

“What I expect from parents is to let us love one another,” said Jolly Ester, a S.6 student from Ecole Secondaire Nyarutovu in Gakenke District.

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