If US attacks Iran, allies in region will be targeted - senior Iran cleric

Iranian senior cleric Ahmad Khatami delivers his sermon during Friday prayer ceremony in Tehran, Iran, Friday, Jan. 5, 2018. / Sputnik

A Senior Iranian cleric has stated that Donald Trump’s offer of direct talks with Tehran is unacceptable, according to Mizan News.

"Americans say you should accept what we say in the talks. So this is not negotiation, but a dictatorship. The Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation would stand up against dictatorship," senior Iranian cleric Ahmad Khatami said, as reported by the Mizan news agency.


US President Donald Trump earlier said that anyone doing business with Iran will not be doing business with the US, adding that sanctions imposed on Tehran were "the most biting."


Responding to Trump's statement, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani blamed the US for using "psychological warfare," aiming to "sow division among Iranians."


Washington plans to add Iranian oil and gas to the list during the second phase of sanctions to be reintroduced in November, which is part of US President Donald Trump's May withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.


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