Images show Iran rebuilding military base on Iraq-Syria border

Iran is continuing construction on a military base near the Iraq-Syria border, new satellite images taken on Sunday show.

The Imam Ali military base was partially destroyed in an airstrike in early September. ImageSat International (ISI) analysts said that the new images show eight zones of construction or reconstruction on the premises. Checkpoints on both sides of the compound are also visible on the images, as are the fortified walls around the complex.


The ISI report said that while construction at the base has been extensive, the compound remains inactive. According to ISI experts, this marks the first documentation of Iran building a military base of this scale from scratch in Syria.


In recent months, Israel has been reported to target Iranian military assets in Syria as part of its efforts to prevent Iran from tightening its grip on the region.


Fox News first exposed the classified Iranian enterprise on the Iraq-Syria border on Sept. 3. Security experts told the network that the project was approved by Tehran and was being completed by the Al-Quds Force, Iran's elite extraterritorial black-ops arm.

Isreal Hayom

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