FEATURED: KCB Bank rewards its customers on Valentine’s Day

For those of you who hadn’t noticed the abundance of advertisements, roses and hearts scattered everywhere they turned on the 14th of Feb, then you might have missed Valentine’s Day

Most companies doubled loyalty points, gave out cards while those with most loyal customers doubled up rewards or points when customers purchased specific products or services in the month of February.

For KCB, merely decorating the halls, walls and displays in branches on Valentine’s Day was not enough. On the lover’s day, the bank set up a photo booth station and organized for a talented saxophonist to move from one branch to another playing soft music to customers as they transacted their business while senior staff members offered gifts and flowers in the banking halls.

According to Nyinawinkindi Liliose the customer experience Manager at KCB, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for KCB Bank Rwanda Ltd to show love to its customers and staff.

“We do this through a number of fun and engaging activities that are intended to make our customers feel special and valued. This initiative is one of many that are planned this year to build and maintain a special relationship with our customers as well as to live out our brand values of being simple, inspiring and friendly” says Nyinawinkindi

According to Igihozo Mary a customer found at KCB Remera branch, the extent to which KCB shows customers that they are really loved and cared for is amazing.

“Am touched by the fact that they thought of playing live music to their customers, and am sure that this act will be reflected in their ‘love’ for and loyalty to the bank. I have no account here but with these chocolates and flowers that I have received for being in the bank, am planning on opening up an account already” says Igihozo.

According to other customers who also received flowers from KCB, Valentine was a moment for the bank to get closer to its customers and as more than 50% of people in Rwanda are “single”, celebrating with others might include: family, co-workers and friends.

“Thinking beyond “relationship love” means that you can still be remembered by those that we do business with. Am single and was not expecting any roses or chocolates today but look what I have got” says auntie Benna who had come to deposit money at KCB main branch.