FEATURED: Kigali Marriott Hotel offers support to Tubahumurize Association

Tubahumurize Association of deprived women couldn’t hold their excitement as Kigali Marriott Hotel associates brought them a number of items to use, like sugar, liquid soap, sanitary towels, milk, rice, and toilet paper, among others.

The group of women and girls that were overwhelmed by Kigali Marriott Hotel’s kindness sang songs of gratitude and danced at Tubahumurize Association’s offices in Kabeza on Thursday March 28.

According to Nicole Ingabire Munyangabe, Senior Human Resource Manager at Kigali Marriott Hotel, this activity falls under Serve 360, done once a month for the past three years by Kigali Marriott Hotel to support the needy in the community. “If you are broken, suffering, traumatized or going through pain, don’t lock yourself in the house and cry. Speak out about your pain because maybe someone will be willing to help you and that is how you will heal. Come out, you will receive counselling and be equipped with skills. Life is very important, value it, over thinking might kill you,” she said.

These young girls at Tubahumurize Association have been trained to be tailors and sell their products like clothes and jewelry to get some money to cater for their needs. Shema Valentin Butera, the Executive Secretary of Tubahumurize Association, appreciated Kigali Marriott Hotel for the support given to them. She explained that the association gives girls hands-on skills that can help them start their own projects to earn money and further their studies.

Tubahumurize means, “Let us console them.” The association was formed to offer counselling to widows, women who are traumatized, children who were raped, advocate for human rights, provide training and micro-credit soft loans for income-generating activities.

Josepha Uwamaliya, a 52 year-old widow, has benefited from Tubahumurize which she joined when her son was aged two. She was able to get a loan that she used to start a charcoal business which enabled her to educate her son, who will soon graduate from university, and also construct her own house. “Although life seemed hard in the beginning, I now have a reason to smile,” she said.