Announcement: Consultancy service for conducting NAICO membership census

The Nasho Irrigation Cooperative (NAICO) is a legally registered cooperative, registration number N0. RCA / 0334/2016, located in Nasho and Mpanga Sectors, Kirehe District. It was formed to bring together about 2,000 smallholder farmers within Nasho irrigation project site. The objective of NAICO is to support members within the cooperative to increase productivity and yield through proper utilization of modern irrigation infrastructure on an area of 1,173 hectares, and generate profits from farming activities. Membership to the cooperative is based on ownership of land in the center pivot irrigated area. Since the formation of the cooperative in 2015, some farmers have bought and/or sold land within the irrigated area, while others may have inherited land from their parents.

NAICO members are responsible for ensuring proper maintenance and functioning of the irrigation infrastructure and other NAICO assets. They are responsible for supporting all cooperative activities. Therefore, it is necessary to know the number and status of current membership of the cooperative. Therefore, it is important to regularly update the cooperative membership list to ensure that all members pay membership dues and fees needed to sustain the irrigation infrastructure.


Also having updated and accurate lists will enable NAICO staff provide better extension services to farmer members, easily register farmers into “Smart Nkunganire” which is an online government supported inputs subsidy system and through which all farmers who need to purchase subsidized seeds and fertilizers are supposed to register.


The census is intended to gather all information about each NAICO member including next of kin as required by laws establishing cooperatives in Rwanda. This information is necessary to ensure proper distribution of bonuses and sharing dividend when NAICO makes profits.


One of the deliverables of this census is an electronic database in which all collected members information will be put. The database should be in both English and Kinyarwanda to make it usable by farmers, NAICO leaders and technical staff, as well as other partners. The electronic database will enable frequently updating members’ information, and linking NAICO members to other electronic-based services such as “Ejoheza” which is a government long-term saving scheme designed to enable low income earners to save small amounts for a long period and benefit from pension and life insurance.

Scope of work:

Nasho Irrigation Cooperative (NAICO) is seeking for credible consultants, companies, or institutions to conduct a comprehensive census of all NAICO members, and create a bilingual electronic database containing members information.

The consultant(s) are expected to do the following;

a) Collect and document the following information about each NAICO member;

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Number of Dependents
  • Date (month and year) when they joined NAICO;
  • Membership fees paid
  • NAICO Membership number
  • National Identification number
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • District
  • Sector
  • Cell;
  • Village
  • Main source of income/livelihood
  • Estimated Monthly income
  • Names of next-of-kin to replace member in case of death or incapacitation
  • Size of irrigated land owned
  • Number of irrigated plots owned
  • UPI number of each plot owned
  • Cluster in which each plot is located
  • Pivot in which each plot is located
  • Does the member belong to any other cooperative? If yes, list

b) Design a bilingual (English & Kinyarwanda) electronic database in which the above-collected information is stored.

c) The database should be user friendly, easy to update the membership information and it should have options for including the following data for each farmer;

  • Quantity of produce sold through the cooperative per season
  • Amount of seed purchased per season from cooperative
  • Type and quantity of fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides purchased per season
  • Fees paid to cooperative per season
  • Loans taken from the cooperative.

d) Presentation of the database:

The consultant will do a presentation of the database, its different features and use, and how it meets the expectations. The consultant will receive feedback and if needed modify the database accordingly.

e) Train NAICO staff and leadership on using and updating the database. The consultant will provide a two-days training with all components of the database to all relevant NAICO staff and leaders on data entry and data extraction. The consultant should take into consideration that the training will also be an appropriate moment to receive feedback and conduct modifications accordingly before final approval.

Expected deliverables after the census

  • A census report
  • A functional database
  • Training report on the usage of the database

Request for Proposal

Consultants, institutions, or companies are requested to submit proposals to conduct a NAICO members census and provide the above deliverables. The proposal should be submitted electronically as PDF documents to by 15th October, 2020 at 5:00pm.

Documents to be submitted should include:

  • Profile - a profile or CV of the consultant(s) and his/her relevant work
  • Methodology - a timeline and description of how the consultant will conduct the survey and deliver results
  • Experience - a statement of experience that demonstrates ability to complete the survey
  • Consultants Team - a description of team members and their roles
  • Financial Proposal – a proposed budget for the assignment

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