Young Grace’s music career not deterred by pregnancy

Her pregnancy has caused a stir in the music industry, with many wondering if it is the reason she is not releasing songs anymore. Budding rapper Marie Grace Abayizera (pictured), aka Young Grace, however, has since assured her fans that her music career is still ongoing, although she is getting ready for the arrival of her first child.

The rapper embraced her pregnancy, and has since gone on to express her undying love for her unborn baby.

“Despite the unplanned pregnancy, I perceive my baby as a blessing from God, and I owe my baby just as much love from a mother,” she told The New Times, on Thursday.

On March 8, theSweet Poupou singer publicly confirmed the news of her pregnancy through her Instagram page.

She wrote: “Even though it wasn’t planned, it doesn’t mean that the baby should be deprived of love from the mother. It is a symbol to me that life understood what I needed before I figured it out,” the rapper posted.

After confirming the rumour, it was revealed that her fiancé Hubert Rwabuhihi, also known as Piqué, a second division Heroes’ football team star was the father of the unborn child.

The news of her pregnancy came soon after a surprise proposal, that took place on her birthday party, on September 19, last year.

She has already nicknamed her baby “Diamantee” (Diamond in English) and adds she can’t wait to see her own first baby.

“Right now I just want to care for my baby, and I am not planning anything other than that,” she laughs.

However, the expectant mother didn’t reveal her due date— saying that she is nervous, but very excited to welcome her baby.

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