Is The Ben venturing into real estate?

Many people don’t believe that a local artiste can make ‘real’ money from their music — or survive solely on music— and that they may have to take on side businesses to keep the income steady.

Which brings us to the subject of this particular rumour — The Ben.

The US-based Rwandan artiste, formally known as Benjamin Mugisha, has had the time of his life since he made the decision to stay in the US seven years ago.

He made good music and conquered —at home and in the Diaspora. The singer returned last year and held a remarkable performance that saw him secure other major deals. But this is not the story.

News reaching us is that the singer, in a brief interview with a local media house, mentioned his interest in real estate in the country.

He spoke about a house that we are told stands at roughly Rwf80 million, and is located in Bwerankori cell in Kigarama sector. However, it is not the only house that the singer owns.

What we’ve heard so far is that the musician has two other houses, one in Eastern Province’s Kayonza District. The artiste is said to be venturing into property, for sale and rent and so we should expect more from him.

Kudos The Ben!

Chameleone tired of being blamed

Following media critics a few weeks back that singer Jose Chameleone let his under age children drive on the road, he has responded. Speaking in a live video on his official Instagram account, Chameleone refuted that he had knowledge of the incident. His children 12-year-old Abba Marcus Mayanja and Alfa Joseph Mayanja were filmed driving a convertible.

After the incident, media pinned him and demanded that police arrests him. While addressing the issue Chameleone said “I am not my children. Correct me where I go wrong, I am a young father.”

However, the Champion singer expressed frustration with always being the one blamed for what goes wrong in his family.

He said, “I cannot be blamed for my children’s mistakes because I wasn’t with them when it happened. I wonder why it is always me to blame, why don’t you blame their mother, for instance. Stop judging me, I am not perfect and neither are you.”

Is it the end of the Ali Kiba-Diamond feud?

Tanzanian superstars, Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz, on Sunday, shocked mourners with a handshake that will probably heal their presumed rift.

The two were part of the mourners who gathered to bid farewell to departed video queen Agnes Gerald, aka Masogange, who passed away on Friday.

It had been a foregone conclusion that the two were not the best of friends, and that at a certain point; their ‘beef’ went as far as their supporters.

However, at the Leaders Club Grounds this week, the two shook hands shortly after Ali Kiba delivered his tribute to the deceased.

Diamond Platnumz moved to greet various entertainment stakeholders, including Ali Kiba, setting off applause from mourners.

We are told that Diamond even sent a congratulatory message to Ali Kiba on his wedding. Is their beef finally over? We hope so.

Urban Boys ready to conquer the music industry

It is understandable that people thought Urban Boys would collapse at some point, not with all the issues they had to deal with in the span of just one year, including the exit of one of their members, Safi Madiba.  

However, the last two members standing; James Manzi and Muhammed Nshimiyimana, alias Humble Jizzo and Nizzo Kaboss respectively, are not to be underestimated.

Word reaching our desk is that the R&B duo has bigger plans. Just this week, they announced that they were opening a new recording studio dubbed ‘Urban Records’ with a new producer, Holly Beats.

We are told that the studio will be home to the duo’s pending work and, the many music collaborations the boys are planning on making.

We wish them the best.

Are Diamond’s rebellious days over?

Recently, Diamond Platnumz posted explicit videos of himself with his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto and a Caucasian lady. This led to public outcry that prompted him to be arrested. It is said that the artiste was to be prosecuted for violating the country’s moral standards. Further reports alleged that Diamond’s passport and mobile phone were confiscated to allow further investigations. This happened a week before he flew into Kenya for the Rick Ross concert.

However, the award winning artiste issued an apology to the public through a news conference, saying: “I’ve had a long conversation with the authorities and I have learnt that what I did was not right. As a role model to many young people, not just in Tanzania but across the continent, posting a private moment was irresponsible of me.”

The mother of two of his children, Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan, who dumped the African Beauty singer on Valentine’s Day this year, hasn’t really said anything about his behaviour, perhaps she has in fact moved on.

Will the rebellious superstar learn from this and change? Time will tell.



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