When social media becomes toxic for celebrities - Papa Star’s story

Papa Stars / Photo: Net.

Emmanuel Sibomana, commonly known as Papa Stars, got the shock of his life when he watched his girlfriend at the time, singer Sunny Dorcas Ingabire, strip naked on Instagram under the influence of alcohol — a thing that tore their relationship apart.

The couple that had plans to get married called it off in June 2020 after the incident.  


Although Ingabire apologised to her fans and followers on her Instagram page for her act, Papa Stars was not ready to carry on with the relationship because he was mortified.


Papa Stars, who is also a social media influencer, actor, and journalist, explains why the relationship that had started bearing fruits crashed. But he is certain about what social media does — it elevates people and then puts them down for various reasons.


Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are known for making celebrities more accessible, which allows them to promote upcoming events and new projects where fans can look out for them in case of new songs, movies, fashion or events, and so forth. With the use of smartphones, fans are notified about what’s happening with their favourite stars.

These platforms benefit not only the fans — to keep up with their favourite showbiz personalities — but they also profit the celebrities who get endorsement deals and stay in the limelight.

According to Papa Stars, at times, fans feel more attached and entitled to what’s happening in the superstars’ private lives.

Even when celebrities make mistakes on social media, they are blamed, judged, and ridiculed, yet they are human and make mistakes just like any other person.

He explains that some celebrities have given up on their careers because of the situations that test their worth and embarrass them, to the extent of losing their fan base and the name they toiled to make. 

Papa Stars notes that although social media is one of the few marketing strategies that allow connecting directly with one’s audience, enables easier communication, boosts networking, eases access to paid advertising services, and builds brands, it is also a pool of pessimism.

“Since celebrities are role models to many, when they set bad examples or say inappropriate things, there is a possibility of causing rejection to their fame,” he says.

Papa Stars adds that some celebrities have lost their freedom of expression as many times they are judged and misinterpreted.

He also points out that public figures have been victims of fake image editing to create memes through the use of Photoshop and similar editing software, yet these images circulate so fast on social media.

“Although memes work well for brands, if an individual is used as a meme, especially without their consent, they might get offended,” Papa Stars says.

He says that several people have created fake accounts in celebrities’ names that are used to commit crimes, share inappropriate information, and solicit money.

Papa Stars notes that it is unfortunate that sometimes people enjoy celebrities’ scandals more than the services they offer, which has left many of them isolated and scorned.

Some personalities are depressed because of negative attacks and offensive messages from the public.

He, however, calls upon all showbiz personalities to strive for their accounts to be verified with a blue badge as they will gain trust, recognition and increase their brand’s credibility.


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