What’s in store for Hillsong choir fans

They have made a name for themselves among the Christian and non-Christian fans all over the world who have only watched and listened to their music.

However, all this will change on December 6 when Hillsong London Church Choir stages its first concert in Rwanda.


If you are familiar with church affairs in the country, you might be well aware that a number of their songs are not only sung in prayer gatherings, but have even been translated into Kinyarwanda - a few examples are: ‘All you have done’ (translated into ‘Kubwibyo Wakoze’), and All I Need Is You (‘Niwowe Nifuza’).


A member of Rwanda Events who are the organising team told Sunday Times that it was sheer luck that the choir chose Rwanda.


“Having Hillsong London in Kigali is not by our might, our strength and not even our money. It is just a blessing because they did not hesitate to accept and confirm our request when they received our invitation to perform in Kigali,” he said.

But what should be expected from the choir?

The music, the stage lighting, the Hillsong sound

First it should be clear that it is not the whole of the Hillsong United Band. However, there still is a lot to look forward to in the performances of Hillsong London since they do the same songs, and have the same level of singing, among other things.

According to the organisers, the Hillsong team that is coming to Kigali will be backed by their own band from London, something that will give gospel enthusiasts more of the real Hillsong touch.

Olivier Kavutse is the leader of Prayer House Rwanda and has attended Hillsong Church in Portugal and New York. He shared with the Sunday Times what the fans should expect.

“It is a great experience. The mood, the lighting, the energy are all so well put together that it is an all-round fun experience,” he said.

Although he attended Hillsong church services, not concerts, Kavutse says it is pretty much the same experience.

“A church service is actually another performance. The music is loud, the lights are set up and everything is done in a professional manner,” he adds.

According to a source, the Band’s sound engineer was in the country some time ago, trying to examine the technical aspects of the sound facilities as part of the preparations for the choir’s performance.

Hillsong are known to be very meticulous when it comes to sound – apparently one of the reasons is the fact that they always love to live-record their songs.

The choir’s performance follows in the footsteps of several other international gospel singers that have previously performed in Kigali, among whom is American maestro Don Moen, Zambian Gospel stars Pompi and Mag44, and renowned Nigerian worshipper Sinach.

Dubbed “Hillsong London Live in Kigali,” the event is expected to attract gospel music lovers from all over the region.

According to organisers, the show is expected to feature only one local gospel artiste; Aime Uwimana.

The worship band is expected in the country on December 4, a few days to the concert, and they are expected to carry out charity activities prior to the concert.

The concert will take place at the newly launched magnificent Kigali Arena, which makes room for a possible attendance of up to 40,000 people.

About Hillsong London

Hillsong London is part of the Hillsong churches that meet in many cities including Sydney, Paris, Kiev, Cape Town, Stockholm and New York City.

It is part of the Hillsong United worship band that originated as a part of Hillsong Church, one of the largest evangelical Christian churches in the world. It was founded by Brian Houston in Sydney, Australia, in 1983.

Musically, Hillsong London released their first live worship album in 2004, entitled Shout God’s Fame, and a year later, did the second entitled “Jesus Is,”  including performances by Matt Redman.

Their 2010 songs were included on the Hillsong United DVD dubbed A Beautiful Exchange, released on 29 July 2010; and in 2013, their songs feature on the renowned Glorious Ruins Hillsong Album of 2013.  


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