Wahu has been too 'stubborn' ever since she hit the 1m followers mark - Nameless

Nameless and his wife Wahu. Net.

Kenyan musician Nameless claims his wife Wahu Kagwi, also a singer, has been very stubborn ever since she joined 'millionaire's club' on social media.

In a playful Instagram post, Nameless - real name David Mathenge, ranted how things have been tough for him in his house after Wahu hit the 1 million followers mark on social media.


Wahu's new 'attitude', he claims, is because he is yet to achieve that impressive milestone. He then went on to make a plea to his followers to help him reach that mark.


But this is not the first time Nameless has experienced this kind of a 'behaviour change' from Wahu. The other instant, he claims, was when Wahu beat him to the MAMA awards.


"This reminds me of when she won a MAMA award before me…woiii.. niliteseka for one whole year," Nameless narrated.

Nameless says that it’s only after he won two major awards of his own that Wahu somehow mellowed down.



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