Uwimana’s concert lives up to expectations despite power outage

On Sunday, Aimé Uwimana, arguably one of the most revered gospel artistes in the country, thrilled his fans with enchanting gospel performances at Kigali Conference and Exhibiton Village at a concert dubbed “Hari Amashimwe.”

However, the concert was marred by power issues when the show had just begun. Lights and background music stopped, and then revellers started chanted and prayed in the dark until the power returned after several minutes. 

The show featured powerful performances by Israel Mbonyicyambu, better known by his stage name Mbonyi, Simon Kabera, Prosper Nkomezi, Rene Patrick, and True Promises Ministries.

Uwimana emerged on stage at 8:30pm, as he belted out his first tune ‘Ngwino mukiza’, and his many adoring fans sang along with him. Supported by an excellent band, Uwimana offered a wide cross section that included his old and new songs. The singer and guitarist would pause in between his performances, and ask fans to song along.

He performed‘Urakwiriye’, ‘Sinzi ukuntu ubigenza’, ‘Ndi umwana mu rugo kwa Data’, ‘Urwibutso’, and ‘Inkovu z’urukundo’, among others.

The crowd went wild when Israel Mbonyi emerged on stage, treating the already delighted crowd to his ‘Ibihe’, ‘Sinzibagirwa’ and ‘Hari ubuzima’.

The audeince left their seats to dance as Uwimana performed some of his popular songs.

Simon Kabera performed his renditions of ‘Mfashe Inanga’ and ‘Hari Inshuti’. True Promises, Nkomezi and Rene Patrick also delivered energetic performances that left fans yearning for more.

After the performances, Uwimana returned on the stage to thank fans, fellow artistes, and sponsors.

“My wish has come true! I prayed for this concert…for a big turn up, and that people would enjoy the performances. I am so thankful to God for making it happen,” he said.

The show ended at about 9:45 pm.