Upcoming gospel singer Kirabo shares her passion for singing

Aisha Monica Kirabo is an upcoming musician whose love for singing provoked her into music. With a staunch Christian background, she began singing at a very young age.

She had a chat with Sunday Magazine’s Joan Mbabazi about her new journey in the gospel music industry, her purpose for singing, the inspiration behind her songs and plans for her music career.

Tell us briefly about yourself

I fellowship with New Life Bible Church. I was born in Uganda from a very humble family, the 5th born in a family of seven. I love God with all my heart. I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Business administration and I am an administrative assistant at Africa New Life Ministries.

What drove you into singing and why choose gospel music?

I have always had the zeal to sing since childhood, I remember my mum used to take me to Sunday school and I always treasured the moments we spent singing songs which I repetitively sang at home with my mum and sisters. From then, singing became a habit.

I started singing officially as a recording artist last year and released my first single. Though I sang in a worship team, I felt a burning desire to sing my own songs because I spent my free time and part of the nights writing songs. The motivation to sing Gospel songs is because it is where I belong which is why I opted to sing the Love of Christ.

Which message do you intend to pass on to people through your music?

I want to spread the message of the love of God, since the Bible tells us how God loved the world so much to the extent of letting his son Jesus to die for our sins. That’s the greatest reason I would sing Gospel songs. Everyone needs to know about a man who loves us unconditionally. 

How many songs do you have so far, including those in the pipeline?

I have three singles, (Umukunzi, Niwe Yesu are out while ‘He’s Alive’ is still in studio), hopefully, it will be out in early.

Is there anyone that inspired you in to music?

Oh yes. I love Kim Walker of Bethel Church and Darlene Zscech of Hillsong United, they stirred me and they still do. They are humble and they worship God with their all. I also look to Tasha Cobbs because of her strong vocals, passion for Jesus, and the love and energy she puts in what she does.

Are you the one that composes your songs, and if yes, what do you base on?

Yes, I compose my songs. I pray to God for the songs, and He shows me what to write about. If it praises and worships God, it is a song worth writing about.

I compose my songs anytime God gives me something to write about, it can be in the morning, night or day, in the office, in church or anywhere else. Any time God speaks to me, I act.

Have you ever done any collaboration with any musician? If yes, who and which songs?

I have done a collaboration with Jado Sinza in a song titled ‘My hero’. I consider him one of the best Gospel artistes in Rwanda.

Where do you see yourself in the gospel musical journey in the next few years?

My prayer is to be a good international worshiper. I would love to see myself on the same pulpit with Nigerian gospel singer Sinach and many other powerful gospel artists in and beyond Africa.


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